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In 2008, a few veterans of the North Jersey music scene decided to get together to play some music
and have a little fun....and Byrdgrass was born. That energy is contagious to the audiences who
have welcomed Maribyrd, Randy Artiglere, Tim Dempsey and John Christie to stages throughout New
Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. With nothing but fun and great music in mind, they are wining over
new fans everywhere they go. Dynamic harmonies and byrd's unique vocals, backed by various traditional
acoustic instruments, blended with electric guitar and drums make Byrdgrass a one of a kind band.

Byrdgrass's long awaited, highly anticipated debut record has arrived! "It's About Time" was released
in 2016 and is now available at all Byrdgrass well as all of Maribyrd's other performances

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